Kia Ora and Welcome to Fit Food!

Eek. My first post! Lets start at the beginning. Why do this? To be brutally blunt, four years ago I was unhealthy; my blood pressure was 148/100 and at 26 I was told I would probably need to go onto blood pressure medication. I was extremely overweight. I am 5”1 and though I had been quite sporty as a teen, my weight had ballooned out to 84kgs. I was wearing mainly NZ size 14-16 clothes. So, with my (now) husband as support we signed up to the local gym, just 2 times a week (and later 3 times/week), and we both committed to watching what we ate. It sucked. I had always thought I was ‘healthy’. I didn’t eat fatty foods and ate lots of fruit, veggies and wholemeal bread. I also loved soft drink, chips and chocolate. Still do love chocolate. I was unhappy and in reality had a very skewed view of my own health.

It has been a slow journey.

I didn’t wake up skinny overnight. There was no magic moment when I was like “I am smashing this!” But, my blood pressure now happily sits at 125/80, my weight got down to 61kgs, although with lifting heavier weights I am gaining muscle and am sitting heavier than that now. I fit a NZ size 10 in most styles. I am not the ‘skinny’ I originally set out to be, however, I am healthy.  I participate in a awesome form of HIIT training called Bootcamp. I do this 3 times a week and feel stronger than ever. I also run twice a week. Two years ago I was able to complete a ½ marathon in under 2 hours, which I am incredibly proud of.

In terms of eating, my Monday – Friday’s  closely follows a wholefood eating style, with a focus on protein, veggies, fruit with rice and oats in there as well. My weekends are a bit more fluid and I will not turn down a brioche or loaded sandwich from my favourite cafe if I feel like it. For me eating needs to be about what makes you feel good AND what is good for you. Stressing over all the ‘naughty’ or ‘treat’  food you eat is not something that should be a permanent part of your life (and is something I am still working on!!)

On this blog you can find personal reflections on some of the eating programs I have followed during my journey and the recipes which I love and find inspiration in. I hope you will find some that you will love too! It is through this journey that I am learning to love myself, food and different forms of exercise 🙂 I honestly believe that a healthy relationship with food and exercise has the power to change your life. It did mine.


A final note to the Hubs. Without his support I would not have made it this far (at least with this much sanity intact!). He happily tasted a million frittatas, some disaster cakes, cupcakes and curries. Had faith and stayed by my side, taking pride in the successes and comforting me during the pitfalls. It is his unwavering support that gives me the courage to be the best version of myself. So, essentially it is all his fault you are listening to me ramble! 🙂

I look forward to sharing more food and fitness rambles with you all and stay tuned for some recipes to come ASAP!

T x

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