RECIPE: Oven Chips that are the BEST!

I LOVE chips. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE chips. Would eat them allll day given half a chance. This works just as well with Sweet Potato – but will need less cooking time, so keep an eye on them. This serves 2 people 🙂


2 large agria potatoes

Salt and Pepper (to taste – I usually use 1Tbsp salt and 2tsp cracked pepper)

2Tbsp Ghee, Coconut oil (melted) or olive oil

Turn the oven on to 190 Fan or 200 Bake. Cut potatoes lengthwise (top to bottom). Cut each 1/2 of the potato into 1/2cm slices lengthwise. Next, chop these slices into your desired chip thickness, mine are usually quite slim as I like them crunchy! The photos show this. Place your chips on a baking tray with cooking paper. Liberally (and I mean this! Be liberal) season with salt and pepper. Pour the melted ghee or coconut oil over the chips. Mix the oil into the chips with your hands to make sure all chips are coated. Spread the chips out on the tray so that they don’t touch. Cook for 20 minutes or until chips are golden and crunchy!



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